Colombo Night Market
5th Cross Street, Pettah. January 2023.

• 35mm • f/4 • 1/80 • ISO6400 • Canon R6 & RF14-35/4L •


Hung Up on the Devil’s Doorstep
As the afternoon sky descends across the Ohiya Gap, villagers in Udaweriya struggle with a lorry stuck on what was once the Kalupahana-Ohiya Road. Little more than a track for most of its length, its surface has deteriorated so badly that the RDA has shored up some of the steeper parts with concrete sections, creating what seems like literal steps. These remote hamlets, in the Central Highlands, are some of the highest continuously occupied settlements in Sri Lanka, and depend on battered little lorries like this one to get their farm produce to market. There’s no public transport, and the nearest bus stop or train station is a 10km hike. Shot on assignment for Serendib, the inflight magazine of Sri Lankan Airlines. My photo story, The Devil’s Staircase, ran in the March 2017 issue.

“Elolu! Elolu! Eloluuuuuuuu!”

Fruit & Veg Delivery #4 by Son of the Morning Light on
Mayday 2020: day 42 of the lockdown.
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Bacon & Egg Baozi

Bacon & Egg Baozi #2 by Son of the Morning Light on
This breakfast consists of an oversized plain baozi (steamed bun, normally stuffed with meat), fried and cut in half to hold bacon, a fried egg, cheese, tomatoes, and caramalised onions. Colombo, Sri Lanka. September 2015.
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Dialogin' #2 by Son of the Morning Light on
naattami, a stevedore-like labourer at the Manning Market, in Pettah, wears a tshirt advertising an internet service provider. In spite of the fact that mobile phone-based internet access in Sri Lanka has far outpaced desktop and laptop access, and made internet usage widespread, many of the country’s poorer classes have no entry to the web, and little interest in it. Colombo, April 2018.

A Night at the Fruit Market, Kandy #5

A Night at the Fruit Market, Kandy #5 by Son of the Morning Light on
Shermaine Willis and Anuradha Perera, shot on assignment for Ashraff Associates and The Radh, Kandy. Sri Lanka, October 2018.

Naattami, Manning Market, Pettah

Naatami, Manning Market Colombo, Sri Lanka #7 by Son of the Morning Light on
A vegetable lorry is unloaded by naattamis (porters or stevedores) at the Manning Market, one of Colombo’s largest wholesale centers for fresh produce. Sri Lanka, April 2018.