Closing Time on Keyzer Street
Shutters begin to fall with the twilight in Pettah, Colombo’s shopping and market district. January 2023.

• 35mm • f/4 • 1/125 • ISO4000 • R6 & RF14-35/4L •


Dinner in Pettah

A kiosk on Keyzer Street provides a light takeaway to weary workers heading for home. Colombo, January 2023.

• 35mm • f/4 • 1/125 • ISO4000 • R6 & RF14-35/4L •

Evening in Pettah
Prince and 2nd Cross streets, Pettah. January 2023. If there ever had been a Tintin in Ceylon, this would be the place in one of those large illustrations a la The Calculus Affair or Tintin in Tibet.

• 14mm • f/4 • 1/100 • ISO1250 • R6 & RF14-35/4L •

Evening Tea in Pettah
A kiosk on the corner of Keyzer and 3rd Cross streets provides sustenance to shoppers and departing city workers alike. Colombo, January 2023.

• 26mm • f/4 • 1/125 • ISO4000 • R6 & RF14-35/4L •

Today’s News, on the City’s Oldest Street

News Spot, Bankshall Street, Pettah by Son of the Morning Light on

Newspaper kiosk on the corner of Bankshall and 2nd Cross streets, in the Old Colombo area of Pettah. Bankshall Street is the city’s original main thoroughfare and, therefore, its oldest street, the central axis of the Portuguese coastal town of Kolon Tota, established in the early 16th century, the street name derived from the Javanese word for warehouses — bangasalas. Sri Lanka, April 2016.

  • 600D+EFS24/2.8+polariser@1/500,f/2.8,ISO100