The Waiting Sea
Talalla Bay, Sri Lanka.

• 24mm • f/2.8 • 1/640 • ISO100 • 600D & EF-S24/2.8• circular polariser •

December 26th 2022 marks eighteen years since the devastating Boxing Day Tsunami of 2004, when the Indian Ocean rose up and killed over 35,000 Sri Lankans in two massive waves (the second measured as high as 11m, in places). The country suffered the second highest number of deaths in the Indian Ocean (after Indonesia which, being proximate to the epicentre of the underwater quake that caused the tsunami, lost almost 200,000 dead and missing). Over half a million people were displaced in Sri Lanka, as almost 90,000 coastal homes and buildings were destroyed by the waves. Over 250,000 people are estimated to have died in minutes, in fifteen countries, from Southeast Asia to East Africa. In island nations like Sri Lanka, the sea would never be looked at quite the same again.


Special Feature: The Quality of Memory (or How I Discovered that Breudhers are Like Boobs)

There was in fact no such thing as the ‘best’ breudher.”
Traditional Dutch Burgher breudher, a round yeasty cake with the distinct shape it takes from the broodtulband, a fluted mould it is baked in (and from which it likely gets its name). Though believed to be Dutch or Flemish in origin, it does not exist in the Netherlands today, and can only be found in the former Dutch maritime territories of Colombo, Cochin, and Malacca.
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Eyes in the Past
Poosari, Naagapoosani Amman Kovil, Nainativu Island. March 2014.* The old priest tending to devotees at an outside shrine, would stand perfectly still after each batch of worshippers had moved on, his face expressionless, eyes seeming to watch something far in the past. He would rouse himself to action each time he was approached, then drift off again when no longer needed.

*With the advance of editing software, I have been revisiting some of my older photos. This one is a colour edit of a black and white I posted back in 2014.

The Line of Blood & Fire #2

Lions Led by Lambs by Son of the Morning Light on
In stark contrast to his veteran Highlanders this Gemunu Watch lieutenant stands out as a post-war officer, his chest bare of medals. Funeral of Maj Gen Gratiaen Silva, Colombo, November 2015.
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The Right of the Line

The front wall of the National War Memorial at Kotte, a short walk from the Parliament, shows the earliest Sri Lankan military deaths in the thirty-year-long civil war between the state and the Tamil separatist organisations, which ended in May 2009. 
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Dark Alley

Dark Alley by Son of the Morning Light on

The memorial to the Sinti and Roma people (commonly known as Gypsies) of Trier, killed in the Holocaust; six unobtrusive stone columns on Windstrasse, in the shadow of St Peter’s Cathedral. Trier was also once home to the child who would grow up to be Gestapo Hauptsturmführer Klaus Barbie, the infamous Butcher of Lyons. Germany, summer 2016.

  • 600D+EFS18-200/3.5-5.6+polariser@20mm,1/160,f/3.5,ISO100
  • Military Traffic

    Military Traffic by Son of the Morning Light on

    Military policeman on traffic duty at the funeral of Maj Gen Gratiaen Silva, Borella General Cemetery, Colombo, Sri Lanka. Poppy Sunday, November 2015.

  • 600D+EFS18-200/3.5-5.6+polariser@200mm,1/160,f/5.6ISO100