Blind Faith
A blind woman prays at the main altar of St Lucia’s Cathedral, Kotahena. 21st April 2021. Lucia of Syracuse, venerated by the Roman Catholic, Anglican, Lutheran, and Eastern Orthodox churches as St Lucy, is the patron saint of the blind. In medieval accounts, Lucia’s eyes were gouged out before her execution during the 4th century Diocletianic Persecution, but that they were seen to be miraculously restored before her burial. Probably the best known of the Virgin Martyrs, she is one of only eight women commemorated in the Roman Catholic Canon of the Mass. St Lucia’s Cathedral is the seat of the Archbishop of Colombo, and is said to be Sri Lanka’s oldest and largest parish cathedral. Construction began in 1872, but work was halted or delayed periodically for lack of funds and, though the cathedral began serving mass in 1881, it wasn’t until 1902 that the building was declared complete.

• 16mm • f/2.8 • 1/160 • ISO1600 •  5DMkIV & EF16-35/2.8L courtesy Canon/Metropolitan


Holy Smoke
A Wolfendhal Street shopkeeper lights a bowl of incense; a daily ritual at the opening of business. The smoke will then be carried through the premises, with the dual purpose of showing devotion to the local deities and driving out out any pests (natural or supernatural) that might have sneaked in during the night. Hulftsdorp, Colombo. October 2022.

• 35mm • f/2.8 • 1/1600 • ISO100 • R6, with RF35/1.8 courtesy Canon/Metropolitan

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Breakfast in Pettah #7

Egg rottis are oiled, stretched, folded, and readied for the hot skillet. Wolfendhal Street, Kotahena. October 2022.

• 35mm • f/2.8 • 1/1000 • ISO400 • R6 & RF35/1.8 courtesy Canon/Metropolitan

Breakfast in Pettah #6
A cook at work on Wolfendhal Street. October 2022.

• 35mm • f/2.8 • 1/125 • ISO160 • R6, with RF35/1.8 from Canon/Metropolitan

Breakfast in Pettah #4
Wolfendhal Street, Kotahena. October 2022.

• 35mm • f/2.8 • 1/80 • ISO160 • R6 & RF35/1.8 courtesy Canon/Metropolitan

Socially Distant Jesus
Signs inside St Lucia’s Cathedral, Kotahena, instruct worshippers on the new normal. April 2021. In spite of these precautions, Sri Lanka is weathering another wave of COVID-19 infections, with a complete round-the-clock curfew that began in mid-May, now in its 25th day. With little apparent change to the infection rate, and no comprehensive vaccination programme in place, the government seems as distant from its people as do their gods.

Shot with a Canon 5DMkIV & EF16-35/2.8L courtesy Canon/Metropolitan

Waiting for Secrets
Confessional, St Lucia’s Cathedral, Kotahena. April 2021.

5DMkIV & EF 16-35mm/2.8L courtesy Canon/Metropolitan.

The Rite of Penance
Whether in an act of devotion or contrition, a young woman walks the 50m aisle of St Lucia’s Cathedral, Kotahena, on her knees. April 2021.

5DMkIV & EF 16-35mm/2.8L courtesy Canon/Metropolitan.

Night in the City

Jampettah Street and St Anthony's Kochchikade #2 by Son of the Morning Light on
Jampettah Street and St Anthony’s Kochchikade. Colombo, Sri Lanka. September 2018.

The Fissures of Sea Street

The Cracks of Sea Street #4 by Son of the Morning Light on
Narrow covered alleys and passageways spider away into the distance, off Sea Street; windowless, mazelike, leading to vegetarian cafés, goldsmiths, bars, and prayer rooms; and occasionally, a spider at the end of the spidercrack. Colombo, Sri Lanka. September 2018.