Putting some spin on it, at J. Walter Thompson, Colombo, in February 2016

• 50mm • f/1.8 • 1/200 • ISO800 • 600D & EF50/1.8 •


“Those Days when We were Young…”
Thus begins the familiar tale often heard when older people lament the prices of things today. But in a Sri Lanka staggering under an economic disaster unknown in modern history, skyrocketing inflation has made the ‘Good Ol’ Days’ seem like just yesterday. In this April 2018 picture, shot for a J Walter Thompson market study, salted prawns at the FOSE Market, in Pettah, Colombo’s main market district, go for just Rs100 (about 65 US cents at the time) for 100g. Today, the rupee price of this is almost seven times higher (though still just under $2, due to the nose-diving rupee).

• 105mm • f/4 • 1/50 • ISO400 •

Patient Impatience
Korolawalla Railway Station, Panadura. Shot in September 2017, for ‘The Connected Sri Lankan’, a collaborative study by J Walter Thompson and TNS Kantar on how Sri Lankans engage with the internet.

From Tank to Taxi #6
Janaka Ravindra, Sri Lanka Armoured Corps tanker and UN peacekeeper turned taxi driver, catches up on the cricket as he waits for potential fares to pop up on his Uber and Pick Me apps. Shot in Colombo, in September 2017, for ‘The Connected Sri Lankan’, a collaborative study by J Walter Thompson and TNS Kantar on how Sri Lankans engage with the internet.

eBay Malli*
Achira Perera, a peon (office boy) in a government department used his low-ranking but stable job to get a credit card; the only one in his neighbourhood. With this relatively unique possession, Achira supplements his income by ordering a long list of things from eBay for his neighbours each month; using it to buy a professional camera with which he moonlights as a wedding photographer. Shot in September 2017, for The Connected Sri Lankan, a collaborative study between TNS Kantar and J Walter Thompson on how Sri Lankans engage with the internet.

*Literally ‘younger brother’ in Sinhalese, but used in the same way ‘kid’ is in English.

Morning Hoop Time

The 1st Hour Project #40 -- little girl playing with hoops.
While most of her family still sleeps, a little girl gets in some playtime in her half-finished home in Gampaha, Sri Lanka. Shot in September 2016, for J Walter Thompson’s ‘The 1st Hour Project’, a study on how urban families spend the first hour of their day.