Temple of the Water God

I believe that water is the closest thing to a god we have here on Earth.”

— Alex Z Moores Living in Water

The Randenigala Reservoir, surrounded by the jungles of the Rantembe Reserve. December 2018. If water is the one true god of our planet, then the reservoirs we’ve built over millennia must be its greatest temples.

• 24mm • f/8 • 1/1600 • ISO800 • 5DMkIII & EF24-105/4L •



The abandoned Maduwegala Aranya Senasanaya, a Buddhist forest monastery, close to Konwewa, in Maho. February 2022.

The Road to Ritigala #2

Sun-dappled and pleasant in the early morning, the dirt road through the Ritigala Strict Nature Reserve requires a sharp eye. The track is too narrow to turn a vehicle around, and the sudden appearance of an elephant could cause a traffic jam of the literal kind. This visit in January 2016 was one of several, from which was produced two pieces for Explore Sri Lanka, later that year; The Road to Ritigala, in March, and The Mystery of Ritigala, in August.

Cat and Mouse on the Middle Rhein

Burg Katz (one half of the twin castles of Katz and Maus) towers over the town of St Goarshausen, at the end of a long dry summer; the Rhein running well below its banks, and the forest beginning to turn brown and orange at the approach of autumn. Shot on 35mm Fuji film in August 1998.

Dark Wood

Pine forest below the Devil’s Staircase, Central Highlands, Sri Lanka. January 2017.

A Wee House in the Jungle

Coconut, areca palm, and other domesticated trees mark human habitation, deep in the dense forest above the Wee Oya, close to Dedugala, in Kegalle. Shot on assignment for Serendib, the inflight magazine of Sri Lankan Airlines. My photo story, Mountains in the Jungle, ran in the June 2018 issue.

Sunrise over the Kelani Valley

In the first light of the sun, the Kelani Ganga carves its way through the jungle-covered hills of Ginigathena, in the foothills of Sri Lanka’s Central Highlands. February 2017.

The Land of Saman

Heavy jungle overhangs both banks of the Sitawaka River, close to Deraniyagala, in the foothills of the Central Highlands. Shot on assignment for Serendib, the inflight magazine of Sri Lankan Airlines. My photo story, In the Shadow of the Mountain of a God, ran in the April 2016 issue. Deraniyagala is one of the centres of Saman worship, and often a starting point for pilgrimages to Adam’s Peak, also known as Sumanakuta, or ‘Saman’s Mountain‘.

Jungle Highway

During the dry season, riverbeds make convenient roads through otherwise impenetrable forest, providing a swift way of covering long distances in relative comfort, with cool refreshment easily to hand. This, the Olu Dola, in Akuressa, in the deep south of Sri Lanka, would be over my head when the monsoon arrived. I shot this for the very last feature I did for Serendib, the inflight magazine of Sri Lankan Airlines. My photo story, Tea in the Jungle, ran in the November 2018 issue.