Vada Time of the Day
A food cart on the corner of Prince and 2nd Cross streets sells deep fried snacks of isso vada (a sort of mini pizza topped with prawns), ulundu vada (a black gram bagel), and rotti, to the evening crush in the Colombo market district of Pettah. January 2023.

• 35mm • f/4 • 1/125 • ISO1250 • R6 & RF14-35/4L •


Breakfast in Pettah #8
A food cart sets up to serve the early morning traffic of shop and office workers on Prince Street, in Pettah. September 2022.

• 35mm • f/2.8 • 1/100 • ISO100 • Canon R6 & RF 35/1.8 courtesy Canon/Metropolitan

Sustaining the Revolution
A street food vendor sells fresh rotti and vadai at Gotagogama, the ad hoc village of tents, shacks, and portable toilets that have sprung up on Galle Face Green, in downtown Colombo. Set up almost a month ago, the village is home to a core of protestors calling for the resignation of Sri Lankan President Gotabhaya Rajapakse and his government, who’s corruption and ineptitude have been blamed for creating the worst economic crisis in the country’s modern history. In addition to the resident dissidents, Gotagogama sees a constant ebb and flow of protestors from all over the city and its suburbs, driven by widespread shortages of electricity, fuel, cooking gas, and medicine, to join in the strident call for the government to step down. Sri Lanka, May 2022.

• 18mm • f/3.5 • 1/100 • ISO3200 •

Breakfast on the Go, Maharagama, Sri Lanka

Breakfast Cart, Maharagama, Sri Lanka #3 by Son of the Morning Light on
A vendor sells sweet sago porridge from a food cart in the Maharagama textile bazaar, close to Colombo, in Sri Lanka. April 2018.

Waiting for Dinner in Wolvendaal

Waiting for Dinner, Wolvendaal, Colombo #2 by Son of the Morning Light on
Customers wait for a food cart to start selling on Wolfendhal Street, Colombo, Sri Lanka. September 2018.