The Sun Fallen Beneath Trees of Stone
Downtown Colombo, from the rooftop of Cinnamon Red. September 2022.

The sun is fast fallin’ beneath trees of stone
The light in the tower, no longer my home
Past eyes of pale fire, black sand for my bed
I trade all I’ve known for the unknown ahead

— Bear McCreary This Wandering Day

• 24mm • f/4 • 1/125 • ISO5000 • Canon R6 & RF 24-105/4L courtesy Canon/Metropolitan.


Pelicans at Sunrise
The Beira Lake, Colombo. September 2022.

• 105mm • f/4 • 1/320 • ISO400 • Canon R6 & RF 24-105/4L courtesy Canon/Metropolitan.

Day Breaks, the City
The Beira Lake, Colombo, Sri Lanka. September 2022.

• 24mm • f/10 • 10s • ISO100 • tripod • Canon R6 & RF 24-105/4L courtesy Canon/Metropolitan.

I’ve been missing the predawn curtain raisers on my morning walks, these past weeks, sunrise coming earlier, as we arrive at our longest day of the year, today, 3rd August. But some morning showers gave the sun something to fight, and there’s nothing like a fight for spectacle. Weras Lake, Bellanwila, Sri Lanka.

Sun, Moon, and Tree
Dawn at Arugam Bay, Sri Lanka. May 2022.

• 50mm • f/4 • 1/60 • ISO100 • tripod mounted • Shot on a Canon EOS 5DMkIII & EF 50/1.4, courtesy Canon/Metropolitan.

Morning Infinitum
Arugambay Roccos, Arugam Bay. May 2022.

• 50mm • f/4 • 1/160 • ISO100 • Canon 5DMkIII & EF 50/1.4 courtesy Canon/Metropolitan.

The Dawn of Empires
Sri Lankan Ministry of Defence paddy fields in Battaramulla, in the eastern suburbs of Colombo. June 2022.

Catching the Moon
Dawn at Arugam Bay, Sri Lanka. May 2022.

• 50mm • f/4 • 1.3 • ISO100 • Canon 5DMkIII & EF 50/1.4 courtesy Canon/Metropolitan.

Morning Commute #2
A pair of tea pluckers walk past the company-provided ‘line houses’ where plantation workers have lived for a century and a half, on their way to work on a tea estate in Bagawantalawa, in the Central Highlands of Sri Lanka, in February 2014. The picking of Ceylon Tea, one of the world’s most famous brands, is done almost exclusively by women who must awaken well before dawn to cook breakfast and lunch for their families and ready their children for school before setting out to work on the plantations.