Tuk Selfie #12

Colombo, Sri Lanka. February 2023.

If I was a 16th Century Portuguese Photojournalist


And had the camera been invented, my photos of the Portuguese-Sinhalese wars might have looked a bit like this. Instead I’ve committed a bit of sacrilege and had a look at what all the fuss is about with AI, and used it to create a bunch of pictures from scratch. This is a first for my blog (and likely the last), since its whole point is to showcase my actual photography, but I thought this experiment was worth sharing.

This set of pictures is entirely AI-created, with even the prompts that created the images being composed by AI, with just a bit of editing (to the prompts, not the pictures), by me. It started off with me asking ChatGPT to give me a brief explanation of the 16th century Portuguese presence in the Colombo Fort. I then told this OpenAI chatbot to come up with a set of prompts which Midjourney could use to create pictures to illustrate its explanation. I then fed the prompts to Midjourney, adding that the pictures must look as if I had shot them on Kodak Tri-X film in my style of photography. These are the results.

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Caution, Photographer at Work

De Saram Place, Maradana. January 2022.*

*shot on a Canon EOS 5DMkIV & EF 24-105/f4L, courtesy Canon/Metropolitan.

Portfolio Video

So I’m taking a break from the daily photo format today, and ending this first week of 2021 by showing off a selection of my best photos. Go full screen for best effect, and if you want to see the full collection, or any individual shot in more detail, go to my Portfolio Gallery. The video will continue to be available in the ‘Find Out More’ section of my blog.