Left Arm, Over the Wicket

Wesley spinner Jathon Wieman bowls against St Benedict’s, during the Luke Shield one-day encounter on 25th March 2023. St Benedict’s College retained the shield, beating Wesley College by 19 runs.

• 800mm • f/11 • 1/1000 • ISO800 • Canon R6, with an RF800/11 courtesy Canon/Metropolitan



Katunayake, Sri Lanka. Shot on assignment for Smart Media and Gateway College, in September 2018.

• 400mm • f/5.6 • 1/1000 • ISO200 • 7DMkII & EF100-400/4.5-5.6L •

Baby Steps

Narigama Beach, Hikkaduwa. January 2022.

• 105mm • f/4 • 1/2000 • ISO100 • 5DMkIV & EF 24-105/f4L, courtesy Canon/Metropolitan

Ballet Class

The Ballet School of Colombo, September 2022.

• 24mm • f/4 • 1/125 • ISO400 • Canon R6 & RF 24-105/4L courtesy Canon/Metropolitan.

Downrocking #3

Breakdancers down on the floor at the IDW Dance Championship in Colombo, Sri Lanka. February 2020.

• 100mm • f/4.5 • 1/160 • ISO8000 • Canon 6DMkII, EF 24-105/4L  & EF 100-400/4.5-5.6L courtesy Canon/Metropolitan.

• 100mm • f/4.5 • 1/160 • ISO8000 •
• 105mm • f/4 • 1/320 • ISO10000 •
• 105mm • f/4 • 1/320 • ISO10000 •

Running Down the Clock

Athletes from a Negombo high school, in September 2018. For most of Sri Lanka, school’s been out since March 2020, over a year ago; and while classroom education has proceeded, for the more fortunate students, online, all extracurricular activities, like sports, have been completely on hold. For most, a lack of sports may seem a small price to pay to keep the spread of the corona virus at bay but, for many high school athletes, a year on the sidelines is the end of a career before it begins. For those hoping to represent their schools in track, cricket, rugby, and other sports at the under-19s (a vital step in the process for selection to club and national teams, and an advantage even for job opportunities in the government and mercantile sectors), it will be a year lost forever. As the government continues to mismanage the pandemic, the long-awaited vaccination of the Sri Lankan population has been slow and inefficient; and the authorities have countered with a new series of lockdowns and travel restrictions that are set to batter an already exhausted populace. With the crisis now in its second year, and another batch of young sportsman and sportswomen facing deserted stadiums and closed training facilities, there is no indication of when the authorities will allow schools to resume.

Cool Steppers

Romane Alvies and Cool Steps, at the IDW Dance Championship, Colombo, Sri Lanka. February 2020.
Romane Alvies and Cool Steps, at the IDW Dance Championship, Colombo, Sri Lanka. February 2020.

*6DMkII & 24-105mm/f4L courtesy Canon/Metropolitan.

Kiteboarders, Kalpitiya Lagoon #24

Kiteboarders, Kalpitiya Lagoon #24
Shot on assignment for ‘Serendib‘, the inflight magazine of Sri Lankan Airlines. My photo story, ‘Wind Riders‘, ran in the September 2017 issue.

Dancer in the Light #3

Dancer at the IDW Dance Championship, Colombo, Sri Lanka. February 2020.
IDW Dance Championship, Colombo, Sri Lanka. February 2020.
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